Selasa, 22 April 2014

Ugly dad is prohibited AK-mouth JIS

Legal counsel victims of sexual abuse in kindergarten Jakarta International School ( JIS ) , Andi Asrun , said AK 's father received a text message that was not fun . Short messages are sent via SMS AK was asked parents not to vilify JIS .

" Something is not clear in the SMS . SMS was sent about a week ago , " said Andi Asrun told reporters in Independence Pioneer Building , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 22/04/2014 ) .

Andi said , the SMS content as if the family had vilify JIS . In fact , it is clear that violence against self traumatizing AK ( 6 ) .

SMS it , said Andi , making AK depressed father . What's more , he's the only foreigners in Indonesia . That is the reason the victim's family appealed to the Witness and Victim Protection Agency (Agency ) .

Andi also regretted the parties obstructing the victim's parents meeting with other parents . In fact , at the meeting , AK parents hope they will testify for the case of AK . According to him , parents afraid to be a witness for receiving e - mails from the JIS that prohibits parents met with the families of the victims , including the Kemendikbud , KPAI , KPPA , and others .
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Before you complain to the Agency , the victim 's parents have filed a civil action against the South Jakarta District Court on suspicion JIS tort . The suit also named because it was considered negligent Kemendikbud oversee international school early childhood education operating without permission .


Senin, 21 April 2014

Should ical Search Companion Can Pulleys elektabilitasnya

Rapimnas Golkar candidate will develop winning strategies Bakrie ( Ical ) . Ical asked to be looking for a partner that can improve elektabilitasnya on the upcoming presidential election .

" It will be inaugurated in the show, " said Golkar Wasekjen Tantowi , Monday ( 04/21/2014 ) .

Ical winning strategies will also be discussed and determined . Currently, more Tantowi , cadres of the party wants to obtain maximum sound .
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In pileg yesterday , Tantowi explained it had not yet reached the target of the vote . In Rapimnas later , this will also be discussed further .

Meanwhile , political observers Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University , Faisal Nurdin Idris , said Golkar should maximize the vote on pileg later . Ical , he thinks needs to be accompanied by the vice that can boost electability .

"This is to maximize the vote on pileg later , " he explained .

Previously , Waketum Golkar , Laksono , stated , Ical will be further strengthened its position as a candidate of Golkar in rapimnas later . He said there was no evaluation on pencapresan ARB .

" Until the sky falls too , Ical still be a candidate, " he said .


Sabtu, 19 April 2014

Failure Evaluation Urges AMPG Golkar in Pileg

Golkar's youth wing (AMPG) urged the Election Campaign Coordinating Board (BKPP) Golkar Golkar reveal the cause of the failure to reach the target sound in the legislative elections of 2014. Forums Special Leadership Meeting (Rapimnasus) in early May could be a momentum evaluation. "We asked the parties to consolidate and deliver open cause of this failure," said Chairman of the DPP AMPG, Yorrys Raweyai to reporters in Jakarta, Saturday (19/4).

Yorrys said AMPG feel concerned with the performance pileg BKPP. Because the wing organizations AMPG is constitutionally Golkar leadership roles on the relay. Without evaluation, Yorrys worry Golkar will continue to decline. "The fact today (Golkar) through the quick count was very disappointing," he said.

Yorrys denied insistence AMPG make performance evaluation aims to evaluate pencapresan Ical. According to DPP Golkar Party should immediately evaluate the performance BKPP. Because the failure to reach the target sound in pileg can raise the internal turmoil in the party. "We're not talking pencapresan. Pileg We're talking about the post-reform in the history of this drastic decline and disappointment," he said.

Vice Chairman AMPG, Tantowi voice stating BKPP targeting 25 to 26 percent in pileg 2014. According to the failure to reach the target needs to get a serious response from the DPP Golkar Party. "Evaluation of the performance is the fairness in order to reduce the shortcomings and weaknesses of systems and strategies that have been implemented," he said.

Golkar should learn a lot from failure to win a number of elections in Pileg 2014. However because there has never been an evaluation, then defeat after kekahalan Golkar Party will continue to be experienced. "The reluctance of evaluating a number of defeats negative impact on the achievement of targets in the presidential election," said Tantowi.
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Rapimnasus Golkar was originally to be held on May 5, 2014. Tantowi stated two main agenda is already set Golkar vice-setting and evaluation of the failure to reach the target sound. "While there has been no evaluation pencapresan agenda," said Tantowi.


Jumat, 18 April 2014

Simple Tips to Overcome Urinary Tract Infection

FREQUENT urination accompanied by pain and fever , you may suffer from urinary tract infections ( UTI ) . This infection often experienced by women and is often caused by poor hygiene , decreased water intake , and a weak immune system .

Suffering from urinary tract infection so do not wear , although it may only happen once in your life . Here's a tip tackle and prevent urinary tract infections recur , as reported by Boldsky .

Drink more water

Increasing water intake is essential for addressing issue of urinary tract infections . Drink a lot more water will increase the frequency of urination and helps recovery quickly .
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Frequent urination

Urinary tract infections cause you to urinate frequently , but it will help a faster recovery . This is because if you urinate frequently , then the bacteria will also come out with urine . Therefore , do not try to hold urine when the urge to urinate because it can slow the recovery process .

The right diet

One of the most useful health tip when suffering from a urinary tract infection is a healthy and balanced diet . It is recommended to include fruits and vegetables that are high water content . In addition , a healthy and balanced diet will boost your immunity , so that the recovery process could be faster .

Maintain cleanliness in the toilet

Keeping the genital area clean is one important tip in dealing with urinary tract infections . Women should always remember to wipe the genitals of the back to back after urination .

Wear the right clothes

Wearing loose clothing is an important tip to overcome urinary tract infections . Do not wear too tight clothes and cotton is the best option to keep the genital area dry. Also, do not forget to keep the clothes worn are kept clean and dry .

Do not use Miss V

It is recommended not to use cleaners vagina for the recovery of urinary tract infections quickly . In addition , avoid the use of cleaning the vagina also prevent the recurrence of urinary tract infections . This is because using a cleaning vagina can disrupt the pH balance in the vagina , so the risk of urinary tract infection again .


Kamis, 17 April 2014

Already necklace neck strap, Punishment Hanging Canceled

A murder convict in Iran named Balal escaped the gallows in the minutes before the executions were carried out , after the victim's mother gave him an apology .

Balal sentenced to death seven years ago after he was convicted of killing a young man named Abdollah in a fight . Both were 17 years old at the time .

The case made ​​headlines in Iran after users of social media and celebrities in the country to campaign execution order was canceled .

But in Iranian law requires that inmates got an apology from the victim's family before the death penalty is canceled , or qisas which means " debt eye for an eye . "

The apology did not come until the scheduled execution on Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) . Balal screaming for his life was saved when the knot was about to put on his neck .

Suddenly, the victim's mother approached him and slapped his cheek then said that he forgave his son Balal act .

Amnesty International said Iran has the highest death penalty rate in the world . Mostly carried out by the hanging .
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Now there are groups of people in Iran are pushing the government to change the system of qisas and banned the death penalty .


Selasa, 15 April 2014

Spokesperson ( Spokesperson ) KPK Johan Budi SP said , the value of the procurement project in PT Pelabuhan Indonesia ( IPC ) II investigational Commission , worth tens of billions of dollars .

" Its worth tens of billions , " said Johan Budi said the KPK building , Jalan HR Rasuna Said , Kuningan , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) .

One project that investigated the Commission in the form of procurement Quay Container Crane ( QCC ) in some dock fiscal year 2010. KPK summoned Today II president director of PT IPC Richard Joost Lino testified in the investigation of the project .

Johan Budi said , Richard Joost Lino related investigation examined the procurement of cranes in some dock fiscal year 2010. " Commission of Inquiry regarding the procurement of some dock cranes in fiscal year 2010. Investigation began possibility late last year , " said Johan .

As is known , the procurement project in PT Pelabuhan Indonesia ( IPC ) II was investigated by the Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) . Commission began requesting information from a number of parties who are considered to know .
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This case began when the United Workers II IPC IPC management report to the Commission . Unions reported include procurement of two units to the Port of Tanjung Priok QCC is transferred to the Port of Palembang and Pontianak .


Take advantage Heartbleed, Cyber ​​Criminals Steal Tax Office data

WATERLOO - cyber criminals to steal account the data of hundreds of people who pay taxes on the tax office website Canada , Canada Revenue Agency ( CRA ) . Theft is certainly resulting from opening security holes by Heartbleed .

A total of 900 Data Canadians who pay taxes in the state tax office sites known to have been stolen by cyber criminals . As a result , the data 900 people are missing from the CRA database . Theft was conducted for six hours by cyber criminals .
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" Based on our analysis , social insurance numbers of around 900 taxpayers has been stolen from the CRA system by someone who exploit system vulnerabilities due Heartbleed , " wrote CRA statement on his official website , as quoted by the BBC , Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) .

Not only that , CRA also said the data theft also happens to hundreds of related business activities . But the CRA itself promised to secure and protect the data of 900 residents taxpayers has been stolen by cyber criminals . CRA mengatakn each person who becomes a victim of data theft will receive free access to a credit protection service .

This is not only because of data theft Heartbleed impact . A site counseling parents of children in the UK , Mumsnet , is reported to have been compromised by cyber criminals . Although these sites do not yet know how many users were affected. But just in case , on the whole Mumsnet asked users to change the password of his account .